President and Deputy Elections in Turkey 2023

On May 14, 2023, the people of Turkey go to the polls to elect their 13th President and Members of Parliament. This election is of great importance for Türkiye. As a matter of fact, is this election the continuation of the AK party government, which has been in power for more than 20 years in Turkey? Otherwise, it will be clear whether I should take the whole or the CHP to take over the power or postpone the loss of 20 years for another 5 years. As an Azerbaijani diplomacy expert in the critical election, I would like to address the Turkish people with the following words. The winner of this election will always be the people, because you are the supreme Turkish state who made the choice. In recent years, there is a Turkish problem in this country, based on the data of European statistical institutions. Turkishness is declining in my opinion. Because they are trying to divide the visible country. For years, organizations such as the PKK, YPG, DAESH, DHKPC and FETÖ have made the people hostile to each other by presenting this issue as if there is a Kurdish-Turkish problem. Just as the Spaniards, British, Portuguese, Swiss and members of other nationalities all say they are American in the USA, I think the Turkish people living in Turkey, Lazi, Kurd, Circassian, Azerbaijani, are all one and should say they are Turks. Arabs, who have been our enemies for years, should not allow Turkey’s demographic structure to change. As I said above, if you don’t, there will be a Turkish problem in Turkey and after 5-10 years the majority will be Arabs. At that time, neither Kurds, nor Turks, nor Azeris, nor Lazis, nor Circassians will remain as the majority in Turkey. Think very carefully when using your vote to hold all Turkuyens with their Turk, Kurd, Laz, Azerbaijani, Circassian.
As Azerbaijan, we always stand by our brotherly Turkey. Of course, his joy is our joy, his sorrow is our sorrow. How happy is the one who says I am a Turk!

Kind regards:

Diplomacy Specialist Dr. Elvin ABDURAHMANLI

Karabağ Azerbaycandır Koordine Etme Derneği Başkanı Dr Elvin ABDURAHMANLI

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