As a result of the Armenian Terror, 2 Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred.

The Armenian Army continues its terrorist attacks on Azerbaijani territory.

On May 12, the Armenian army carried out another provocational terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani military posts in the town of Zod, Basarkecher district of Azerbaijan, around 18.00 yesterday.

Azerbaijan Military Garayev Mehemmed Mahiroğlu was martyred as a result of the attack launched with D-30 Mortars. Soldier Novruzelizadeoğlu Orhan was martyred as a result of the terrorist attack on the towns of Tovuzgala, Ezizli and Karakilse, from the town of Zod, on May 10.

As of May 10, attacks on the military positions of Azerbaijan have continued by the Armenian Army, using (Iran-made) SİHA warfare vehicles. It was also learned that the Armenian Army, who was not satisfied with these, laid mines by setting traps on civilian settlements, TEM highway and village road routes.

May God have mercy on our martyrs who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of the Armenian Army, we wish patience to their loved ones and families.

Kind regards:

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Diplomacy and Counterterrorism Specialist Dr. Elvin ABDURAHMANLI

Karabağ Azerbaycandır Koordine Etme Derneği Başkanı Dr Elvin ABDURAHMANLI

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